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High accuracy landing in complex environment

Autonomous drones are becoming more expensive and their missions more critical, but when they approach the landing area, all the operation relies on one or two positioning sensors that can fail in complex environments.
Internest helps you secure this dangerous phase of the flights, with a robust and precise positioning sensor operational in complex environments.





Local Landing System


Lolas is a patented, precise, and robust system designed to secure the critical phases of multirotor takeoff and landing.

It works like a very precise relative GPS, providing the position of the drone relative to its landing platform, in a 150m radius with up to centimeter level accuracy.

  • Local positioning system, enabling high precision, fully automatic approaches, take-offs and landings
  • GNSS independent, all weather and visibility conditions positioning technology
  • 2 sensors on drone, 4 sensors on ground with a redundant architecture
  • Dissimilar positioning technologies : ultrasonic, radio and vision ToF fusion
  • New generation based on 5 years of experience in drone autonomous landings

Use cases


Our system, our expertise


Internest has developed LoLas entirely in-house, and therefore masters its sensors technologies and the system engineering development cycle. Based on our expertise, Internest offers two types of services :

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