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The objective of this collaboration is to simplify the use of drones on a boat, by allowing follow-ups and landings without an experienced pilot. The crew have access to the new capabilities offered by drones without the constraints of piloting. Internest’s LoLas system can guide the drone up to 150m from the craft and then land it, all completely autonomously.

This patented technology offers the robustness necessary for military operations, by not resorting to the GPS system, and by remaining operational even in very reduced visibility: mist, salt spray, spray, splashing water, etc. It also preserves the stealth of operations in avoiding the use of luminous or infrared markers.

This new platform of autonomous drones can be adapted to all Zodiac Milpro boats and all professional drones. Allowing you to choose the vectors you need. It will be presented at SOFINS 2021.

About the collaboration between the two companies

ZodiacMilpro, always on the lookout for innovations for the military and professionals ”
that work on water, “identified Internest’s Local Landing System (LoLas) solution as meeting operational constraints. The Internest company was awarded the Cercle de l’Arbalète at the 2018 Soflab and joined the GICAN “SEAstart” accelerator. The latter enabled the two companies to connect. This is a win-win partnership at the service of the BITD which brings together ZodiacMilpro, a dynamic mid-sized company, and Internest, an innovative startup.

David Cazalot, Commercial Director of Zodiac Milpro: “We have identified several
relevant opportunities for this drone recovery platform, the Sofins 2021 will be
the opportunity to discuss with many official delegations and specialized units on their operational applications and possible adaptation requests. ”

Nicolas Sczaniecki, CEO and co-founder of Internest: “We are seeing a growing number of
of maritime applications around our drone positioning sensor, we are delighted to collaborate with the Zodiac Milpro teams to address demanding customers in France and internationally. ”

About Internest and LinkedIn
Internest is a provider of autonomy and security solutions for professional and military drones. The team designed an autonomous positioning and landing system that allows drones to land autonomously on mobile platforms (land, sea or air), even in degraded contexts (absence of GPS, maritime environment, theater of military operations). The singularity of the Internest on-board system is based on the use of ultrasound technology and the fusion of sensors. Internest counts among its customers Airbus Helicopters, Israel Aerospace Industries, Naval Group, Nexter and carries out its sales in ten countries (Japan, United States, Germany, Singapore…).

About ZodiacMilpro and LinkedIn
Since 1896, Zodiac Milpro has been designing innovative products in the military and professional fields for “those who work on the water”. Zodiac Milpro is at the origin of most of the great concepts which have led to the development of the modern inflatable boat since the 1930s. Since its inception, Zodiac Milpro has become the leading manufacturer of inflatable and semi-rigid boats for professional applications and military. As an autonomous French group headquartered in Paris, Zodiac Milpro has over 100 years of technical heritage and sets standards for military and professional inflatable and semi-rigid boats.

Press contact
Internest: Nicolas Sczaniecki,
Zodiac Milpro: