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The integration of LoLaS (Local Landing System) with the Veronte Autopilot 1X has been a complete success. In order to support precise and safe drone operations, Internest provides LoLaS, a redundant and dissimilar positioning technology based on ultrasound and UWB. Embention, the leading supplier of autopilots and critical components for drones and UAM, has closely worked with Internest team for the successful integration of LoLaS and Veronte Autopilot 1x, ensuring safe and precise autonomous landing, even in moving platforms.

LoLaS is an embedded system based on hardware components and firmware. Thanks to the fusion of multiple technologies, LoLaS provides accurate and reliable positioning information no matter the visibility, the weather or the environment. Veronte Autopilot 1X is a miniaturized high-reliability avionic system designed for advanced control of drones and unmanned vehicles. Developed in compliance with DO178C & DO254, Veronte Autopilot 1X embeds a state-of-the-art suite of sensors and processors for enabling fully autonomous flight for all kinds of drones.

“Internest solution has been tested on various platforms and in complex environment: at night, windy situation up to 35 knots, on moving platforms.Embention integration has been able to catch the full potential of Internest positioning system, allowing precision autonomous landings.” said Internest CEO Nicolas Sczaniecki.

LoLaS can be used in three different modes with the Veronte Autopilot:

❖ Navigation Mode: A variable weight for LoLaS sensor input is defined within the Kalman filter. It corrects the GPS position or replaces it completely, enabling safe GNSS-denied autonomous landing.
❖ Guidance Mode: LoLaS sensor indicates the relative position between the base and the onboard device, providing the position of the desired waypoint with high accuracy.
❖ Mix Mode: A combination of both navigation and guidance can be configured for enhanced performance.


“At Embention, we are using LoLaS with our Veronte Autopilot for manned and unmanned projects. We have used it “face-down” for inflight drone recovery and docking and it has also been integrated “face-up” for precision autonomous landing on moving platforms” said Javier Espuch, Business Development Manager at Embention.

About Embention
Embention develops autopilots and critical components for drones and UAM having installed Veronte Autopilot in more than 500 drone projects and accumulating more than 100 000 hours in operation. Embention, with 60 employees, is a worldwide reference in the unmanned aircraft industry, applying state-of-the-art and military technologies in the drone sector for Enabling Drones to Populate Our Skies. Learn more at:

About Internest
Internest supplies autonomy and safety solutions for professional and military drones. The team has designed an autonomous positioning and landing system that allows drones to land autonomously on mobile platforms (land, sea or air), even in degraded conditions (GPS blackout, maritime environment, military theater of operations). The distinguishing feature of the Internest embedded system is its use of ultrasonic technology and sensor fusion.  Internest customers include Airbus Helicopters, Israel Aerospace Industries, Naval Group and Nexter. The company is doing business in around 10 countries (Japan, United States, Germany, Singapore…). For more information:


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