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True rising stars operating in all domains and from all programs of STATION F.

STATION F unveiled today during an exclusive event with investors, members of the ecosystem and medias, the first edition of Future 40: its group gathering the 40 most promising startups of STATION F. These 40 startups, hand-picked on all our companies by our startups team with assistance of all programs, had a chance to pitch during the event.

To select the startups, the team used different criteria including (but not only): their growth and MRR, their technological innovation, their expertise in the field, their team, their market size and scalability potential. They should also have raised less than €1M.

This first edition also shows the variety of STATION F’s startups. B2B SaaS is the most represented vertical in the group, followed by BioTech and MedTech startups working to revolutionize the treatment of diseases or simplify blood tests. We’re also proud that 35% of the companies in the Future 40 are co-founded by at least one women entrepreneur and that 20% of them are by team coming from abroad.

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